Our agency focuses on music events, marketing, and digital communications.


Event and party planning: Shows with live entertainment, DJ, hosting, and celebrations.


Website design & development, Graphic design, Communications.


Magazine layout and design, brochures, presentations, signage, digital and printed materials.


Make your brand STAND OUT, with modern graphic styles.

Ska/Punky/Reggae Party!

Client: CBRE

Global Real Estate leaders

DJ Gorilla Fest!

Client: CBRE


Ladies of Punk Rock!

Client: SourceMedia

Investment News

Oi! Punk/Ska Party!

Client: Brooklyn Book Festival

Brooklyn's biggest book event

Masters of Ska!

Client: CasaCrédito

International Real Estate

Brooklyn Book Festival

Client: TRUKA Animaciones

Exciting Stop Motion animation agency


We host live music events in New York City & nationwide.

Ska/Punky/Reggae Party!

Ska/Punky/Reggae Party!

Queens Edition

DJ Gorilla Fest!

DJ Gorilla Fest!

One Year Anniversary show

Ladies of Punk Rock!

Ladies of Punk Rock!

Ladies We Salute You!

Oi! Punk/Ska Party!

Oi! Punk/Ska Party!

The Original Edition

Masters of Ska!

Masters of Ska!

Legends + Newcomers

Heavy Brutal NYC!

Heavy Brutal NYC!

Feat. DISPARO! from Australia


We are a creative team always looking to execute fresh new ideas.

  • October 2015

    A New Beginning

    Our team is very excited about the agency! We get to have fun while utilizing our skills to deliver the best results for our clients. We have vast experience in events, marketing, and design.

  • October 2016

    One Year Anniversary!

    After a successful year, we celebrated the One-Year Anniversary at Don Pedro in Brooklyn, with many of our friends. A night we won't forget.

  • October 2019

    Fourth Year Celebration!

    We continued our crusade in new venues, including: Muchmore's in BK, and Sabor Norteño in Queens.
    2019 has been amazing so far, and we have expanded to new venues: Desmond's Tavern in Manhattan! and Cobra Club in Brooklyn. 2020 should be pure fire!

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Get to know the DJ Gorilla Crew! We love music, design, and all kinds of Events!

Javier Samaniego

Creative Director, Host

Leonor Samaniego

Sales & Marketing

Tom Gall

Strategy & Public Relations

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